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What can you do?

Try these four steps to get started:


Become more informed! Check out Links & Resources


Build a business case using our template.  You can find the template HERE


Write to the council for support.  You can use our template and adjust it to your needs.  The template can be found HERE


Advocate!  Advocate at every opportunity.  Use our Manifesto as a guide

There are a number of resources on this page.  Also, check out this site from the US (https://endlibraryfines.info/) that has an extensive list of articles and resources.  We will continue to update this page as we come across more material but if you have anything to add please contact us

Things to Watch

This is a video recording of a presentation I gave advocating for the removal of library fines at the New Librarians Symposium 2019 (NLS9) in Adelaide, Australia.

It shows both the video and slides but if you would like the slide deck themselves then please get in touch on the contact tab in the menu at the top of this page.

Dawn is the Youth Services Manager of the La Crosse Public Library. She has worked in libraries, particularly serving youth and families, for over a decade and has also worked in library administration and management.


She believes fervently that equitable access is the number one issue facing libraries and that we can always do more to improve our communities and the lives of our patrons.


This talk was given at a TEDx event using the TED conference format but independently organized by a local community. Learn more at https://www.ted.com/tedx

For fun! - Library cop - Seinfeld

Websites to Check Out


This link is to a blog post on a larger website based around public libraries.  The blog is a fantastic resource that gives examples across the world of library services that have enacted some level of library fine reform.  It also gives pro's and con's too.


This website looks at critical librarianship.  It has a great blog post on the removal of library fines.  Well worth looking at this site, especially if you want to expand into other areas of social justice and activism within the library space.

Things to Read!

The following are links to an assortment of articles that relate to the removal of library fines.  Reading widely on the topic will offer a broad and more balanced perspective.  This will help when you lobby council or your library service but will also help when you consider where, when and how library fine reform might or might not work for your library service. 

Why many libraries are eliminating late fees - Forbes 


A Different Perspective: on keeping fines


Libraries start new chapter by ditching fines for late returns:


Why Libraries Are Eliminating Late Fees for Overdue Books​:


Not So Fine with Library Fines? A Look at the Overdue Debate:


The case against library fines—according to the head of The New York Public Library:


On library fines:


Everything Is Not Fine in Libraries: