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What can you do?

Try these four steps to get started:


Become more informed! Check out Links & Resources


Build a business case using our template.  You can find the template HERE


Write to the council for support.  You can use our template and adjust it to your needs.  The template can be found HERE


Advocate!  Advocate at every opportunity.  Use our Manifesto as a guide

Libraries should strive for inclusion and be welcoming spaces for the hugely diverse range of patrons they serve.
Fining patrons is in direct contrast to the concept of inclusion and equity in access to information for all patrons.  It is in contrast to the very core values of librarians and library workers.
We are committed to removing library fines and advocating for the cessation of fines in the first instance.
Join us by using the resources on this website to build a business case, or write to your council, or to become more informed in order to advocate for the removal of library fines.