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What can you do?

Try these four steps to get started:


Become more informed! Check out Links & Resources


Build a business case using our template.  You can find the template HERE


Write to the council for support.  You can use our template and adjust it to your needs.  The template can be found HERE


Advocate!  Advocate at every opportunity.  Use our Manifesto as a guide

Use this resource to build a business case that you can approach your library service or council with.  

The template includes advice for content but feel free to adjust to your needs.  Add your own sections or develop the content that is included.

The following sections are covered in this template:

  • Proposal​

  • Relevant Library Plan Strategies / Policies

  • Context

  • The Alternate Model​

  • Financial Implications

  • Communications

  • Measures of Success

  • Conclusion

  • Recommendation(s)

  • Appendices

  • Current Fine Schedules

Click on the ICON to the left to download the Business Case Template